Classical Semester Film Studies at the International Prague Film Institute

The summer has ended and many students have successfully completed their summer courses at the Prague Film Institute and are now starting the regular semester study. The Prague Film Institute is an international film school where you can study many disciplines and learn everything you need about the world of film. In order to study at this school, the only prerequisite is advanced English at B2 level.


Prague Film Institute’s

Are you interested in learning how to write a screenplay or how to create sound for film, to edit, direct, produce, or learn game design? You can learn all this and much more at the Prague Film Institute. The school is taught by experienced teachers and creators of award-winning films. They will not only teach you through theory, but through giving you hands on experience with everything in the fully equipped studios available during your studies.

The school and the studios are located in Prague. If you have not visited Prague yet, know that it is a truly beautiful city in the very heart of Europe. A city full of magical places. A city full of life and cultural and historical heritage. A city very popular with filmmakers. During your studies you will definitely fall in love with it. If you have any questions about studying, please contact the Prague Film Institute’s study department, which will answer your questions and help you with anything that you need.